Live your Truth.

When we are born, we are fully open to all of the possibilities of our truest selves.  We have no boundaries or limitations set in our minds that inhibit our reach or inhibit our potential grasp.  We exist simply through breathing and taking in everything that is present to us in each moment.  We experience emotions as they arise, then we let them go, instead of suppressing the urge to feel. We experience love for most things, especially the organic beings that care for us and provide us happiness, because they are kind, and they are honest in our eyes.  

So how do we get so lost in time as we go?

How is it that we can no longer see all the possibilities of our truest selves?  

How is it that we can shame and blame ourselves more than we can care and love for ourselves and others?  

Well, we stop living our truth.  We come face to face with fear and we hide.  We seek guidance by others who are just as afraid.  We settle into a common standard of living that is widely accepted by others and we stop asking why.  We stop exploring everything that exists outside of those boundaries and limitations we have constructed in our minds.  We have traveled so far down a dishonest path, that we do not recognize clear signs our intuition is signaling at us.  

So now, how do we find our way back?  

Is it possible to return to that pure place of total, unadulterated existence?  

Is it worth facing fear in order to live your truth?  

Only you have the answers to those questions.  
And you'll find that the answers to those questions, exist right back where this all started.  They exist in your truest sense of self.  

The self that is not confined anymore by the walls and impediments of the mind.  The self that feels emotions for what they are, and understands techniques on how to let them go after they arise.  The self that continues to breathe and works to remain present in each, sacred moment.  The self that feels love and gives in to kindness and compassion.  The self that mindfully practices and follows the path of their truth that exists in their heart mind.  

In time, it is here that you will understand how to live your truth.  And it is here that you will be set free.   

Austin Kite Festival, 2012