McKinney Falls & the Perseid Meteor Shower

Me and a couple friends headed out to McKinney Falls State Park a few weeks back to try and catch a glimpse of the Perseid Meteor shower.  This prolific shower is most visible in the summer time months between July and August when the Earth crosses paths with the Comet-Swift Tutle.  Astronomers predicted that there would be an outburst of the comets debris encountering the earth's atmosphere this year, and well their prediction was accurate.  We stayed up until the moons light floated behind the horizon and in the early morning hours of August 13th, we got to watch a light show in the sky.  The fleeting feeling of excitement you have as you watch a fiery burst shoot across the skyline in a split second is invigorating and awe inspiring.  It helps ground you and makes your sense of wonder sore.  Its a humbling experience reminding us that we are one small part of an expansive universe and helps us reconnect with our true source.     

McKinney Falls has a rich history in central Texas and is a wilderness wonderland only 20 minutes out from the hustle and bustle of downtown Austin.  We explored the land, swam in Onion Creek, set up hammocks for relaxing/"sleeping", cooked veggie packs and proceeded into the night to watch the meteors.  It was hot, with lots of mosquitos & dare I say it chiggers, but an experience I most certainly won't forget.

Here are some moments from that journey.  Despite not having adequate equipment to fully capture the meteors in long exposure night sky images (I'll get there one day ;)), I did document some of the day time fun we experienced on this hot summer camping session.