Through working at the Thinkery, the new Austin children's museum, I have gotten a lot of exposure to some really fun and entertaining activities.  One of the most recent activities that we got to explore was Suminagashi (Su-me-NAH-ga-she).  

Suminagashi is an ancient form of Japanese art that was one of the first techniques used for ink marbling.  The word suminagashi stands for "floating ink" and it is the process of combining water, ink and oil together to create beautiful designs that you can then print onto a material like paper or cloth.  I found quite a liking for this art practice and decided to go ahead and purchase my own set of suminagashi inks so I could explore it more on my own time.  The following images below are a series of photos from my first at home suminagashi session.  Here I explored transferring the designs to wood paneling.  After a few trial runs I was able to successfully transfer some beautiful designs to the wood.  The most rewarding part of this art practice is that the final product is always a surprise and the process of manipulating the ink around a tray of water is very therapeutic and relaxing.  Put on some soothing melodies and you've got yourself a very zen environment to explore the ancient practice of suminagashi.  


Check me out on Fox 7 News' segment "Make It Monday" demonstrating Suminagashi.