Kelsey & her pups

Positive reinforcement,  consistent eye contact, and a whole lot of treats is the motto of Kelsey, the up and coming Austin based dog trainer.  Kelsey has a passion for these four legged friends that truly shines in her trainings.  Dogs are meant to be dogs and act like dogs, but with motivation and training to both the dog and the human, you can build a devout connection between you and your best friend that will last a lifetime.  Having recently adopted my first dog, I am always seeking advice from Kelsey on how to best keep my pooch in check in the most positive and effective way.  Below are some photographs shot at a recent dog training session led by Miss Kelsey Bellamy.  Enjoy!

P.s.  If you are interested in Kelsey's dog training services please reach out to me and I can provide you with her contact information!