Welcome!  My name is Kayla Morgan Willey.  When people used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always respond with a seemingly generic or over the top response... veterinarian, olympic winning gold medal gymnast, teacher, Cirque Du Soleil performer,  etc... and I assumed that I would eventually figure it out.  Well, here I am today and the answer to that question still remains some what of a mystery.  

Since graduating from the University of Texas with a BA in Geography/Environmental Studies and Photojournalism (two of my greatest passions), I have dabbled in many different trades, applied for all kinds of jobs, gone to several interviews (some successful, others not so much) researched the web for hours and hours on end, volunteered with several local organizations, and have interacted with thousands of members of my community, all with the hope that I would eventually find my one, true calling.  However, after many failed attempts to feel settled in just one thing, I finally realized that I will never, EVER, commit myself and my existence to just one title, one job, or one purpose.  

So, with that said:  I have found my creative outlet in photography, my passion to inspire in education, my physical, mental and spiritual purpose in yoga, and my commitment to my health and the environment in food.  These are all of the things that I focus my time and energy in and they are all things that constantly give back to me in return.  This website is a collection of my experiences in all of these different roles.  If it seems a bit scattered, its because that's my reality:  I live in a big, beautiful and complex system that grows and flows in and out of each day and is propelled by my heart and my mind. 

I currently live in Austin, Texas where I work full time as a prep cook for Whole Foods Market.  Outside of my job, I also teach yoga classes for individual clients and schools, and am constantly accepting new photography gigs for personal clients and businesses.  Despite spending close to 40 hours per week in a kitchen for my job, I still love experimenting with new recipes at home and researching all kinds of food related topics.  If you are interested in my services or just interested in having a conversation, please don't hesitate to reach out and send me an email.

Thank you for your interest in my work, my time & my life.  Stay tuned for updates, additions, and new posts from me!  

Cheers & Namaste ~